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Sex dating in pendroy montana

Sam returned to Port Charles, where Patrick realized that Sam was still in love with Jason, and broke off their engagement.

However, Alexis arrives and says Social Services won t allow it because John doesn t meet the legal requirements.

Sam and Jason investigate; at first, they suspect Sonny, but Jason finds out he s innocent.

Sam helps her out by calling the group home to check on Rafe.

He makes Sam realize Jason is gone, and not coming back.

Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) comes to town, and claims John is a vampire named Caleb Morley.

Alexis figures out that Sam s father is Julian Jerome, a mobster presumed dead.

While there they go to check on Tracy, who is having health problems. Steve later brings it to Sam, and tells her Jason is Danny s biological father.Jason then cooks her dinner and they enjoy spending more time together before he is called away with news on Jake s condition.Monica was unable to make it due to a crisis at the hospital.Jason and Sam have another chance encounter at The Floating Rib on New Year s Eve.She is about to tell him about the baby when he starts to feel ill kelly monaco who is she dating.

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Excited about the good news, Sam went to Jason s hotel room to share it with him.