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Afterward, Naruto is tricked into going into the forest to retrieve a souvenir from a recent battle by the kids he scared.

In return, they falsely promise to accept him into their group, hoping Naruto will be killed by the enemy still lurking out there.

Angered by Sakura's talk about calling Naruto a brat and that he has no family to tell him right or wrong, Sasuke tells Sakura she is annoying.

Realizing Sakura's sadness, Naruto goes to battle Sasuke, but gets defeated.

But Naruto still causes mischief, as he is pained by his teacher's words to his class bullies to leave him alone and just ignore him.

Lastly, Naruto discovers that Sasuke is the only survivor of the Uchiha clan.

The episodes for the ninth season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series.

When Sakura sees Tsunade at her office, she collapses to which Tsunade claims Sakura has an illness known as a chakra virus.

It was an illness long ago in another village that would turn chakra into a terrible flu and Naruto recently went to that village for a mission.

Tsunade, not wanting to scare the villagers, orders Shizune and a team of medical ninja to capture Naruto.

The first opening theme, "Tōmei Datta Sekai" Iruka has just become Naruto's Academy homeroom teacher.

Another teacher advises Iruka to not mistreat his students so that they will not cause trouble.

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