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Narrabeen driving range tinder dating site

Big thanks to Tym Crawford, Nick Prell and Cris De Krester for helping set the night up.The short version: • Next Prizes: 0 voucher for the winning team to be spent at the Christmas Party. • Jono New takes out the 2016-17 GDCCWSP (The Gordon District Cricket Club World Series of Poker.) • Acknowledgements: o Anand for organising the Poker night.Partners, family and friends are all welcome and we look forward to seeing you there! What's better for a clubman than sitting atop the Club Championship?Sitting atop the Club Championship while wearing free gear.Sons of Pitches (formerly Team Smear) have dropped slightly in the standings to third place, but will be in for some bonus points by the end of round 5 as they have given themselves a team nickname.Bonuses will also be heading the way of The Darkside (formerly Team Pest), The Turpsmen (formerly Team Dools) and The Silly Duffers which should significantly tighten the top of the leaderboard.The Social Club are back this year with some fresh new faces, but even if some of those fresh new looks are bearded, they are still here to support the social side of our club - strongly backed by the Orchard Hotel.Deciding to expand the membership to 3 this year, Lachie Stewart, Scott O'Brien and Anand Verma are taking on organising the Social scene.

Congratulations to Jono 'MIA' New for taking it out over Scotty 'Good for a 50' O'Brien and Darren 'Jayasuriya' Jayasekera.A bit of rainy weather and the start of PG’s and T20 competitions have also provided some extra opportunities to rack up some points by helping with covers or supporting the boys.Taking a look at the standings, we have Team Mantos and Team Stobes tied for first on 400 points apiece.It is important that all club members make an effort to support these events. Most importantly, the Gordon District Cricket Club Social League is here!Check out the article below, which explains the league.

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o Scott for working tirelessly to keep the database up to date and overseeing the running of the poker night.