Love peace and misunderstanding online dating

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Only to realize days, weeks, months, and even years later,for some especially tough conundrums, how full of sh*t I was.

It needs to be said, apparently, that I’m not addressing marriages with true abuse taking place, or serious mental illness.

There is a big difference between "Sorry I ate the last piece" and "Sorry, I slept with your best friend".2) I also have to wonder what he actually thinks about your apology. You may have to offer a threesome though if it's really bad! If so, maybe he is looking to break it off and blame you for causing it. If he comes around talk to him but do not makethe effort to contact him.

If he can tell you don't mean it, it just compounds the issue.3) Give him the gift of missing you. He wouldn't happen to be one of the 2% of men that almost every woman desires, hence he is constantly approached by other women? I side with the last entry; give him some time to cool off. No one should ever make you feel something is your faultwhen it isnt. Go out with your friends and be good to yourselfand try not to hurt to much as he really is not worth it with his behaviortowards you and when you feel bad-remember how you feel right now and how he is ignoring you- thatshould wake you up after a few tries because people who care about us dont make us feel bad.

If one person just disappears...just leaves the person left behind WIDE open for self doubt.

So pleaseeeeee men and ladies be respectful of one another ...especially those you supposidly have feelings for. Hi Sherry, You do not give very much insight on what the mistunderstanding was about. Some people can't handle being wrong no matter what... THIS IS NOT TO SAY YOU WERE RIGHT, cause we don't know what right and wrong was committed...

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(Although as a side note, I spoke just yesterday with a friend whose husband suffers from a mental illness, and because of her commitment to her marriage, the Lord has so graciously not only given them the grace to deal with it, but has used his illness to draw them closer to Christ than perhaps anything else could…weakness of the flesh can be turned for God’s glory.) That Christian marriages are failing left and right is no secret.