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Thus, when he was put to the ultimate task - to sacrifice Isaac - Abraham was not taken aback. We are not of the mettle of Abraham, and we pray every day, "Do not put us to test." While we indeed wish to advance spiritually, we ask to be spared the distress of trial.

Yet, should we experience adversity in life, we would do well to realize that this may be a testimony to our spiritual strength. Although I pray to be spared from distress, I will try not to recoil if adversity does occur.

It was not until 50 years later that Jews became qualified for public office.

Personality traits are like raw material, intrinsically neutral.

The Hebrew word for this spirit that remains on one's hands in the morning time is called "Ruach Rah." Ruach Rah is an impurity that comes about from sleeping.

It has nothing to do with your own soul, which in Hebrew is called a Neshama. Ruach Rah is a stubborn impurity that can only be removed by a special hand-washing procedure.

Abraham was tested with ten trials of progressively increasing severity, ultimately culminating in the test of sacrificing his beloved son Isaac if God so willed. Still, while he did demonstrate his intense loyalty and devotion to God, how did it prove his love for God?

Anyone speaking negatively about Mary or the Apostles was subject to a fine or public whipping.

The practice of Judaism was finally legalized in Maryland in 1776, but other restrictions remained in place.

How do these spirits know how to come back to us directly, especially to those people who do traveling and often sleep in different locations while on their trips?

The law that you cite is perhaps a little easier to understand in the original Hebrew.

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In yesterday's message we learned that God does not challenge people beyond their capacities.

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