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However, I will not take you as a patient unless you demonstrate that you have the capacity to complete the program in the manner I desire. She sat crossed legged leaning back against the bar in the stool next to Anna, the full length of her red boot rose through the long slit of her black leather skirt. You will be permanently hobbled to assure that whenever you are in the presence of any woman, whether she knows it or not, whether she is one of the cognoscenti or not, your inferior status will be physically manifest. You will be hobbled each time you think about any woman. The bartender had just brought Gina and Anna fresh drinks. All you have to do is obey, eat anything we stick in your face, lie under the yum yum tree, and suck pussy candy all day and all night.

I could remake you even if you had no aptitude or willingness to participate, but that would be an onerous process, painful for you and boring for me. An expectant smirk conveyed her instruction that I respond to Anna. The purpose of those restraints is to provide physical confirmation of your status. You will wear these restraints permanently so that you will always be aware of what you are to women. He looked at me with quizzical contempt before he turned away. The bar was silent but for the clinking and crackling of swirling ice cooling drinks. Finally, in a splintered whisper I managed, "Madam, whatever Gina says is true. Yes a whore, but thanks to Gina, I am a cunt sucking whore." "It speaks, good boy.

Now my cock throbbed, engorged at the thought of Gina betraying me to her giggling friends. " "Oh, poor baby, do you think they are going fall off? Then you would have to be my worthless little eunuch wouldn't you? "Oh, please do, but I drained him this just this morning, so him give a couple of days to get back to full volume. Ok, we're almost there, so please send Julio to the car.

I fretted over the numbness of the heavy lump hanging between my legs. I deferentially waited for a break in her phone calls and asked, "Gina, please excuse me, but is it really safe to leave my balls tied up so long?

I worried that my balls were not getting an adequate blood supply.

My cock hurts." If I concentrated on just driving at least my cock stayed semi-soft in its cage, and the squeeze presented no immediate danger of strangulation, but the leather testicle harness constantly pressed tightly and stretched my testicles.

I’m one of those girls that always gets the “you’d be so pretty if you lost weight” backhanded compliment.

This story is including: True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Female/Female, Male/Female, Plumper, Threesome I am a 20y/o chubby BBW college student who just recently had my first threesome with a couple from Craigslist. I am 5’5″, brown hair, blue eyes, you can call me Mae, and actually I’m quite pretty, except for the fact that I’m over weight.

So I’ve never gone out with anyone or had sex with anyone, boy or girl (I’m bisexual).

I could easily find another cunt sucker, a lot of my friends insist that women are better at pussy licking anyway, but I like boys, boys with balls. But I enjoy men, especially the accouterments hanging between their legs. Her dress slipped open to her waist exposing her bare pussy. In fact, I'd say you ate it up." I had nothing but fifties left in my wallet. Then he shrugged, stuck them in his pocket, and scurried to open the door for Gina.

To find another guy who'd let me use his balls as my private sex toy, another guy so well trained, so stoic that he'll take my ball biting as hard as I like it, well, that would take more time. Most guys are such wussies when it comes to their balls; they're just no fun at all. I don't intend to castrate you, if you're good, at least not yet." Gina laughed again at her equivocal reassurances. He gave her the ultimate sacrifice, the definitive submission. The boy took Gina's extended hand, and, leering straight into her fully exposed, naked cunt, he stuttered, "G... S...good to see you again." Gina let him get a good long stare. The boy boy's face was a goofy caricature of disrespectful lust and twisted bewilderment. Julio smirked and backed away from me as I trailed Gina into the restaurant, mortified, embarrassed by the pound.

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