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Update #4 After another 10 (or so) minutes on hold, he collected a bit more info and gave me the case number and dispatch numbers I needed. Why couldn't I have accomplished this all in 5 minutes on their web site?

I've followed every instruction they've given in the manual and when I call, but so far they're simply not helping.

They are wasting my time and making me regret purchasing another Dell product.

While writing this, a representative picked up the phone and asked for my computer tag number.

When powered on, the video display is horribly distorted.

I should be seeing the on screen display (before I hook up any video sources) but instead I see what looks like a single line of pixels stretched vertically to the point that they consume the entire display.

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It starts by making me press buttons on the phone and them strangely transitions to using voice response, which I hate. I was eventually put into a holding queue where I waited about 10 minutes before simply being disconnected. But this time I found myself patched through to a phone in a call center in India (I could tell by the accents). I somehow ended up on the phone of a person who was talking to someone else.

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