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Erica Shales, 25, (pictured) of Des Moines, Iowa, was driving the car.

She was charged with eluding, assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon, driving with a suspended license, a Polk County arrest warrant and possession of marijuana Chanel Clark, 32, from Ames, Iowa, (left) and Craig Collins, 35, from Nevada, (right) were riding with Shales. Clark was charged with possession of MDMA, possession of psilocybin mushrooms and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Collins was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia Police pursued the car in a chase that reached a speed of 55mph, according to the police.

Eventually, the driver stopped the car and tried to leave the area on foot, but was stopped by police.

In the brief footage from Wiebold's bodycam, he can be heard shouting at the silver car, which approaches and hits him, though he remains upright after being struck.

Wiebold suffered minor injuries, but no medical treatment was necessary, according to a Boone Police Department statement.

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Her two controlled substance charges where her second offenses.

Boone Police Chief John Wiebold was approaching a car on Monday that resembled one related to an assault investigation.

As he got out of his police car to walk towards the silver Dodge Avenger, the driver accelerated, hit Wiebold and drove away.

" and to help answer that question, here are some thoughtful comments from Naomi Millan of Houston, a bride-to-be on September 20, 2003: "Recently in a few magazines there have been wedding receptions shown in barns that were absolutely gorgeous.

More importantly, I think a barn symbolizes a sense of peace and oneness with the land that harmonizes well with the idea of a wedding.

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This year we went in search of the tax-friendliest small cities in the country—places big enough to have the amenities that retirees prize, such as access to great health care and recreation, but still affordable and compact enough to be manageable.