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Joseph’s University, and has lately accelerated (15 rulings in 2016 and 21 thus far in 2017).

Of the 40 setbacks for colleges in federal court, 14 came from judges nominated by Barack Obama, 11 from Clinton nominees, and nine from selections of George W. Brown University has been on the losing side of three decisions; Duke, Cornell, and Penn State, two each.

The entire sorority went into panic mode and the girls decided to stick to a story that they had nothing to do with anything.

District Judge Michael Barrett blocked Miami University from suspending a student the school had found guilty of sexual assault.

This process had featured a proceeding in which all the witnesses corroborating the accuser’s claims had refused to appear—and at its conclusion the chair of Miami’s disciplinary panel simply accepted their unverified statements as “true.” When the case reached federal court, university lawyers argued that cross-examination of the absent witnesses was irrelevant because the accused student was allowed to say that he disagreed with their claims.

The girls are overdressed and overmade-up most of the time.

The student claimed that his due-process rights had been violated by Miami University’s fact-finding process.

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Turns out these girls run one of the prominent sororities on campus.

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