Dating petawawa

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Dating petawawa

The girls on the Blue Shift line are blamed for the accident, which results in Gladys attempting to get the girls to stand up for themselves.Vera, recovering in the hospital, grows depressed about the condition her injury has left her in.Meanwhile, Lorna attempts to teach life skills classes at Vic Mu, Bob looks for a job, and their son Eugene returns home on leave.With Eugene home, Lorna plans a dinner in order to celebrate his success in the war; her doting on Eugene sets her at odds with Sheila, while Eugene is more interested in flirting with the girls of Vic Mu.However, everyone is at odds: James discovers that Gladys has been receiving letters from a soldier she'd accidentally agreed to marry, and the two fight over their respective indiscretions; Leon invites Kate to sing in a club with his band, which causes a rift between Betty and Kate; Lorna and her husband, Bob, clash after they find out that one of their sons is being awarded a medal for bravery.And at the hospital, Archie contracts sepsis and asks Vera to help him commit suicide, to end his suffering.Kate Andrews, also a newcomer, has begun working at the factory after running away from her abusive father; she is reluctantly taken under the wing of Betty Mc Rae, the factory's best worker.

After being nearly outed, Betty scared of being fired, begins dating Ivan, an engineer on the Blue Shift.After going to Marco's house to drop off his paycheck, Lorna feels guilty about getting him fired; the two grow closer and eventually kiss.A propaganda newsreel is being filmed at Victory Munitions, and to her chagrin, Betty is chosen to be the spokesmodel for the factory.Lorna looks to terminate her pregnancy and turns to Vera for help.After months of searching, Betty finally finds Kate, but is met with resistance from Kate's father, who is later accidentally killed in a struggle.

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His questions rattle Kate, and she considers leaving again to keep Betty safe.

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