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He achieved his greatest success in Massachusetts-based Chaotic Wrestling, where he captured the promotion’s primary title, the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, on September 9, 2011.The most authoritative voice on his career comes from New England independent has achieved his greatest success in Massachusetts-based Chaotic Wrestling …After the veteran seamstress and designer retired in 2015, WWE hired Sarath Ton to create a wardrobe for its cast of colorful characters.While wrestling for various independent promotions in the New England area, Ton drew attention for his elaborate, self-designed outfits and began getting requests for gear from fellow wrestlers, including Sasha Banks.

Based on the thousands of queries this page gets on the subject, we can safely say this is something on the minds of a lot of WWE fans.

“I just had him do it because now he knows what I want. I just tell him, ‘I want to look the best, the greatest.

Just do your thing,’ and he always makes me look amazing.” Prior to joining WWE in 2015 as a costume designer, Sarath Ton racked up an impressive body of work as a high-flying independent wrestler named Kid Mikaze (or Mikaze for short).

“I’ve been making her gear since she first started [wrestling].

Literally, just when I first met her, I knew she needed gear.

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His reverse shooting star press has been dubbed the “Perfect Weapon,” an apt name for such an incredible move.“The American Sasuke” is a three-time former tag team champion in Chaotic Wrestling …

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